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Traveling to Portugal for under $550 a week

Traveling to Portugal for under $550 a week 

I know you have heard that Portugal is super affordable and very inexpensive but did you know you could travel to Portugal and stay there for a week for under 500 dollars and have the best experiences ever? Right now, I am about to give you a break-down on how exactly you can stay in Portugal for 7 days for no more than $550 a week. This includes room and board, food, car rental, and gas for the car. My cost break down is for a person who wants to stay in Lisbon and the Algarve Coast. If you plan on traveling to one of the Azores islands, you are going to need money for a plane ticket to and from the islands for each island which would put you over about $400-500 for ticket, food, room, car, and gas. 

To begin I am going to start off with accommodations…



 If you are trying to stay in Lisbon for under $500, you have 2 options of living: Apartment style accommodations or Hostels. There are a few hotels with low nightly prices, however a nicer stay can be had at apartment style residences and hostels. I stayed in a single bedroom in a hostel in Ponta Delgado. It was so comfortable, clean, unique. If you are thinking of adding a trip to this Azores Island, I will be glad to give you the information. I have quoted a few places below to show how you can be on a budget and still sleep somewhere comfortable, clean, and modern for under $500 dollars. 

1. 1924: This is a guesthouse type of place located on Lisbon’s Old Town. The esthetics are all white and give off a vintage cottage type of vibe. 

2. Universo Romântico Guesthouse & Spa: $35/per night

3. Cheesecake Boutique House: $40/per night 

4. Vintage Apartment at Santa Marta With Terrace and Large Living Room: $40/per night 

5. Avenue Hostel & Suites: $33/per night

*** If you can afford to spend a few extra dollars over budget, I would recommend checking out these other accommodations below. 

6: Moniz Blue One-Bedroom Apartment – by LU Holiday: $48/per night 

7. Santa Marta Vintage III by Homing: $47/per night 

Algarve Coast: If you thought Lisbon was super affordable wait until you see the prices in Algarve.  I rented my townhouse with two bedrooms, 5 pool, a restaurant, balcony, washer and dryer, gym, spa, etc. for only 225 total (mouth drop) and it came straight off Expedia.  

1. A05 – Luxury 1 Bed Fully Equipped with pool by DreamAlgarve: $40

2. Prado Villas in Vilamoura, Portugal: $41/per night 

3. Vilmar Hotel: 35/per night 

4. Ocean View Lagos – Bed & Breakfast: $43/per night 

There are so many small little guest houses and little boutique hotels in the algarve coast and in lisbon. It just takes you booking in the right season and at the right time to get these amazing hotels at a low rate. 

Food/Meals: $60-$80

This is where expense can get tricky. Depending upon how much you eat, your cost for food could vary. I only eat breakfast, a snack, and dinner when I go on vacation. On several of the days my dinner is usually leftovers from my dinner before because I have tendency to order big and eat small. There are a few ways you can save money and only spend $80 total for 7 days.

1. Buy your own groceries/Cook your own meals: When I am traveling on a budget, I always plan on cooking my own meals and preparing my own to-go lunches or snacks. This is how I was able to live in Puerto Rico for a month. A meal may cost $20 bucks but at the grocery store, that $20 dollars could buy bread, peanut butter, and jelly, and oatmeal, for you to have lunch and breakfast taken care of for at least 4 days or more. I know we want to explore and try the local dishes when we are traveling abroad. This is what I love about Portugal eating out is so cheap. You can get an entire meals for under $5. I wouldn’t spend more than $40 dollars on eating out.  That way you will have that other $40 dollars for buying groceries for the last few days or first few days you are there. In order to be able to cook, you have to stay in accommodations that provide you with either a stove, microwave, or portable stovetop. Lastly, a refrigerator is a must-have so that your food won’t perish and you can store things for leftovers.

2. Pack Protein Bars: I recommend placing in your carry-on bag plastic bags and protein meal bars. WHY PROTEIN MEAL BARS? Sometimes you get hungry on a long flight or layover and you don’t want to spend your eat out money on food on the plane or in the airport. Protein Bars are a great way to feel you up and save you moony when your out and about on an excursion, during a layover, or on a flight for a long period of time. The plastic bags come in handy for placing sandwiches or small meals in while you are exploring for the day. If you don’t have room, you can always buy those when you get there. 

3. Watch your drink spending!!! I love tropical drink and buy and trying local cocktails when I am on vacation. However, when your own budget, you must be mindful of how much you are spending on drinks. I would recommend setting a side money specifically for drinks so that you don’t mess with your food money buying drinks. In Portugal drinks are pretty reasonable. Set aside two days which will be your days to buy alcoholic beverages. I would say $16-$20 should do for 2 days. 


Your best way to travel and save money in Portugal is to rent a car. I heard some reviews from a blogger that they would recommend not getting a car because Portuguese people don’t know how to drive. That messed me up financially and was so untrue. I spent over 300 on Uber just for 3 days in Lisbon listening to a blogger who was either rich or confused lol. I spent only 140 dollars for 4 days in Algarve total by renting a car. Depending on where you are going, what type of car you get, and how much gas you use, your total could be higher or lower. In Portugal, they typically drive manual cars because they are cheaper to buy. If you are renting an automatic, like most Americans typically do, your cost per day is going to be a lot higher than if you are renting a manual. 

While in the algarve coast for 4 days, the total for my car rental was only $100. I know unbelievable right. The car was a ford fiesta. It was impeccable. With this car company you, don’t need to leave a $200 deposit or have $800 held on your credit card until you return. I went through 3 car companies before I finally found this car company that didn’t have hidden fees and hidden holds. When renting a car in the Algarve Coast, NICE CAR RENTALS isthe rental car company highly recommend. The price of your car rental can be from 10-30 less if you know how to drive a manual/stick shift car. I will post a link for this car company in my travel resource guide to Portugal. 

Gas prices in Portugal are so cheap like 1.50 a gallon that you won’t be breaking the bank to fill up your car. However, this is an expense that is a must-have and can’t be dependent upon budget because no matter what you are going to need gas in your car and if you spend all the $80 your have for gas you can’t just be like “ok I’m out of money for gas” while in the middle of the road.  I recommend taking 100 dollars for gas but you should only need 80. 

2.  Walk and take the tram!!! If you plan your accommodations right, you will be in the vicinity where you can almost walk to most places or take the tram for 3 euros. If you plan on walking,  I recommend starting your day early so you can get to your destination before the sun comes up and catch that sunrise and leaving early so you are not walking in the streets after dark. 

Lets do the Math: 280 for room+200 for car+70 for Food= $550 Total. You may allocate more money for your room or you may allocate more money for food and less for your room, however you choose to arrange spending for your $550 depends on your needs and wants. I sincerely hope you use this guide and realize that you don’t have to have thousands of dollars to travel the world. I certainly don’t and I do it all the time. ENJOY YOUR STAY IN PORTUGAL AND DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM AND COMMENT ON THIS POST. TILL NEXT POST. TAKE CARE AND STAY SAFE.




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